Only 24 hours after their match against Carmarthen, the B team were in action again in the club derby against Aberystwyth A at the St David’s Club on Tuesday 26th February. The board 4 players, Georgina and I, having both taken part in the Dyfed Congress at Fishguard over the weekend, and thus played competitive chess four days in a row, decided to take the night off, and played the following Saturday. The top three boards set up this final confrontation nicely. Rudy had things his own way in a Bird’s Opening against James Cook, winning the exchange and controlling the endgame to score a relatively easy win. On second board, however, Julie went wrong in a superior position against Ian, missing the fact that her f-pawn was pinned so that she could not recapture when he took her knight with a rook. Not only did this win him a piece, it also gave him a crushing attack on the kingside, and he duly scored another excellent result to follow his draw against Keith Downey the previous evening. Tony also did well, fending off a dangerous-looking attack from David Ferguson, which left a drawn bishop versus knight ending. Surprisingly, then, the two teams were tied when Georgina and I played our postponed game. She went on the attack against my Sicilian, as the lower-rated player should, and continued to move forward on the kingside despite my space advantage on the other wing and in the centre. At some point, though, she should have started to defend; as it was I broke through, winning a piece with mate following quickly. The final score was 2½-1½ to the A team.

Rudy van Kemenade – James Cook 1-0

Ian Finlay – Julie van Kemenade 1-0

David Ferguson – Tony Geraghty ½-½

Georgina Gray – Matthew Francis 0-1



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