Aberystwyth were facing more familiar opposition on Thursday 25th March when we played Aberystwyth University’s A team in a hard-fought match. On top board Rudy van Kemenade got an edge against Owain Davies’s Vienna Game when a brief flurry of middle-game tactics left the White pawns more vulnerable. Nevertheless there was still much work to be done in a hihg-quality game before Black secured the point. Adam Watkin-Jones played cautiously against Matthew Horhey, holding back the centre pawns and fianchettoing both bishops. Nevertheless Black managed to set an unexpected trap in the opening, to win the game after only a dozen moves. Tom Gunn’s Sicilian against Kieran Judge led, as so often, to a position with the players attacking each other’s kings on opposite sides of the board – unusually for this opening, though, it was Black castled on the queenside and White on the kingside. When the promising White attack ground to a halt, Black was able to break through on the other wing. Sam Holman’s Austrian Attack against Gabriela Griffiths’s Pirc ripped open the kingside in the approved fashion, but she defended staunchly, belying her lower rating, and the game was even for a long time. Black would probably have held out for a draw but for a mistake in time trouble. The result was 3-1 to the town side.


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