Aberystwyth Town’s away match in the Dyfed League against Aberystwyth University on Tuesday 28th March was hard-fought and indecisive. On top board, Luis Sanchez played a cagey Réti Opening against Toby Carter, probing for weaknesses without gaining any advantage until late in the game, when his queen and bishop were able to break in with a mating attack. Peter Windows was surprised by Toby Bates’s Alekhine-Chatard Attack in the French Defence, and was soon in serious trouble. White didn’t press home the advantage, though, and Peter almost managed to get back in the game after some tough defence, but the chance slipped away. My game against Patrick Bourne was also a Réti and again developed slowly, eventually reaching a difficult ending. In the final position, with both players desperately short of time, Patrick picked up his knight and realized he couldn’t move it without losing, defeated by the touch-and-move rule in what should have been a drawn position. Sam Holman’s Sicilian was overwhelmed by a fierce kingside attack by Kristians Gerdens. The result was a 2-2 draw.



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