Aberystwyth B began their match against Haverfordwest A at the Emlyn Cafe, Tanygroes on Monday 11th January in the unfamiliar position of first in the Dyfed League. Unfortunately this was due to having played more matches than any other team rather than a higher win percentage, but the team was determined to make the most of their spell of supremacy. On Board 1, I reached a rook ending three pawns up against Colin Denham, and proceeded to blunder away two of them. Fortunately for me, the remaining extra pawn was enough to see me home. Tony Geraghty also had pawns in hand, in a knight ending against John Miller, but couldn’t find a win with time running out on his clock, and settled for a draw. In another seesawing ending, Mike Weston looked certain to lose, until Scott Hammett ran into a deadly check. Ian Finlay’s game was the only one not to get to the ending, as Ian dropped a pawn to a discovered attack, which also allowed Gwyn Evans to invade the Black position with rooks and queen, leading to a middlegame mate. A 2½-1½ win kept Aberystywth B on top for a little longer.

Matthew Francis – Colin Denham 1-0

John Miller – Tony Geraghty ½-½

Mike Weston – Scott Hammett 1-0

Gwyn Evans – Ian Finlay 1-0



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