Even in the online format, matches between Aberystwyth and Cardigan have something of the feel of an Old Firm rivalry, and the match in the Dyfed Online League on Tuesday 23rd February was no exception. Top boards Rudy van Kemenade and Howard Williams have had many fierce fights over the years, so it was only to be expected that this latest meeting would be a complex struggle. In a sharp King’s Indian, Rudy went a pawn down and had to seek piece activity in compensation. Eventually the only way out was to give up a piece with the aim of eliminating all White’s pawns, and, with Howard short of time and having to defend against mate threats, this was enough to earn Rudy the draw. In contrast, Adam Watkin-Jones’s game against Ben Brewer was over quickly, as he overlooked a threat to his h pawn in a Slav, and resigned in disgust, though there was still plenty of play left. Once again I had some positional problems with my Dutch Stonewall, this time against Gareth Williams. When he offered a piece for a couple of pawns and an unbalanced position, I should probably have taken it, but I hadn’t seen very far into the sequence and passed it up, after which the game settled into equality. Tom Gunn’s Greek gift sacrifice in his Colle System wasn’t sound, but Joshua Brewer didn’t find the best defence, and the White attack broke though for the win. The match was drawn, 2-2.



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