Online chess is providing some unexpected results in the Dyfed Online Closed tournament, which reached its third round on Tuesday 19th January. Adam Watkin-Jones, who suffered an upset in the first round, played confidently against the much lower-rated Gwyn Evans on this occasion, however. White’s King’s Indian Attack had not made enough progress to justify a piece sacrifice, and Adam had the initiative as well as the extra material, keeping control throughout. Rudy van Kemenade, on the other hand, a multiple winner of the over-the-board version of the tournament, had another bad result after his defeat last week. Joshua Brewer’s kingside looked vulnerable in an Italian Game, but Rudy’s decision to exchange queens proved fatal when it left his knight with no escape. I had a second online win in recent weeks against the higher-rated David Pinch. I emerged from my Stonewall Dutch opening with a strong centre and the better chances, and when White dropped a pawn I was able to roll my own pawn centre forward for the win. Sam Holman was unlucky against Gareth Williams. A Dutch Staunton Gambit produced a double-edged position with queens and opposite-coloured bishops which ended abruptly when White set up an inescapable mating net. But Tom Gunn caused another upset against Paul Orton, winning a pawn in a queen’s pawn game. Black should have gone for the opposite-coloured bishop ending, which was drawn, but the decision to choose bishop against knight instead cost him the game. After three rounds, Adam and I have 2, Tom has 1½ and Rudy and Sam have 1.




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