The match between champions Cardigan and Aberystwyth B, at the St David’s Club on Tuesday 9th February, saw four decisive results, all of them hinging on a mistake that had devastating consequences. On top board, Julie van Kemenade made a simple fingerslip in the opening, playing her moves in the wrong order, and Howard Williams took advantage to win material and, shortly after, the game. Adam Robinson’s mistake on second board was even more drastic, a miscalculated exchange combination that dropped a pawn, after which his position fell apart within a couple of moves. Joel Greenwood competed impressively against the much higher rated Tony Haigh, and had what looked like a winning attack, but another miscounted trade cost him a piece. On Board 4, Jamie Friel salvaged some honour for Aber with a well-judged exchange sacrifice. This time it was the Cardigan player who blundered, as Awne Osinga cut short his own resistance by allowing an unstoppable mate threat. The match finished 3-1 to Cardigan.

Howard Williams – Julie van Kemenade 1-0

Adam Robinson – Iolo Jones 0-1

Tony Haigh – Joel Greenwood 1-0

Jamie Friel – Awne Osinga 1-0

Meanwhile, the club chamionship continues, and Rudy still has his 100% record.

Francis Headley – Rudy van Kemenade 0-1



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