Fears that Aberystwyth would be totally outclassed by the very strong teams in the Open Section of the Welsh Chess Union Online League haven’t materialized in the matches so far. After our excellent win the previous week, we put up a fighting performance against White Knights on Thursday 25 November. Rudy van Kemenade’s King’s Indian Attack against Alan Young led to a blocked position in which the White pieces were getting in each other’s way. Black had the initiative but couldn’t find a way through with time getting short and settled for a draw by repetition. Adam Watkin-Jones played rather passively against Allan Pleasants in another hypermodern-type opening, and was soon tied down to the defence of his queenside against White’s advancing pawns, resigning when the attack broke through. I took advantage of Adam May’s vulnerable kingside with an unexpected tactic in a Caro-Kann Two Knights; there was only a draw there with best defence, but he didn’t find the right moves and his position collapsed. Tom Gunn was comfortable in a Queen’s Indian against Thomasz Miga till he allowed White’s previously blocked central pawns to roll forward, when they proved to be unstoppable without material loss. A 2½-1½ defeat was a respectable result for Aber.

Playing for Cardigan against Peter Smith of De La Beche Rooks, Aberystwyth’s Sam Holman managed to win his opponent’s queen in a King’s Indian Defence, but by that time White’s attack in the centre and on the kingside was overwhelming, and mate soon followed.


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