The new season has begun, and attendance on Club nights has been excellent so far. We are fielding two teams in the Dyfed League this year, called A and B, but of roughly equal strength. We played our first matches on 24 October, the A team against Carmarthen and the B team against the University.

Playing Black on top board for the A team, Murray overlooked a tactical trick against FM Howard Williams in a Nimzo-Indian. It didn’t lose material, but White had a dominant position thereafter and Murray was unable to hold out. Adam got a strong attack a pawn up agains Kieran Edwards in a Reti. Rook and queen positions are notoriously complicated and both players went wrong several times in the last few moves until Black blundered mate. I won a piece early on with my Caro-Kann against Kieran’s father Dave, and had a comfortable win. Toby Bates drastically refuted Dan Richards’s unorthodox approach to the Four Knights, catching the Black king in the centre for a quick mate. A 3-1 win for Aber A.

On board 1 for the B team, Luis invaded White’s position with his rooks in an Alapin Sicilian, forcing mate just when his opponent was threatening a mate of his own.  Peter Windows had to be patient in an English Opening against Kristians Gerdens but came through the complications with a material advantage that proved decisive. Jon Tuson caught Patrick Bourne with a pin early on in a Trompowsky Attack, and White resigned in disgust, a piece down with no compensation. Bronwen Tuson’s game against Astra Holder was another complex English. White was ahead eary on, but Black turned the  tables and the position eventually resolved into a drawn rook ending. The B team were victorious 3½ -½ .


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