The match on Monday 30th February was, in effect, a mirror image of the one the previous week between Cardigan A and Aberystwyth B. This time it was Cardigan’s B team trying to see if they could match the good result achieved by their counterparts against an opposing A team. On top board, Aber’s Mark Talbot dropped a pawn with his English Opening, and had to face an attack as well. Looking for activity, he sacrificed the exchange and Tony Haigh reacted too passively, allowing him to force the draw. Rudy van Kemenade’s experience told against Jamie Sen, who was facing the Budapest Gambit for the first time, and did a reasonable job of defending Black’s attack, but lost too many pawns. Julie van Kemenade picked up a couple of pawns early on against Roland Spencer, and looked to be comfortable. But as the time pressure began to build, she went in for some risky complications in search of a quick kill and allowed Black to get back into the game, which was eventually drawn. Finally, Awne Osinga returned the compliment for Cardigan; Tony Geraghty had a lost ending but White misplayed the position, and this game too finished in a draw. Overall, Cardigan B did slightly better than Aber B managed last week, 2½-1½ to Aberystwyth A.

Mark Talbot – Tony Haigh ½-½

Jamie Sen – Rudy van Kemenade 0-1

Julie van Kemenade – Roland Spencer ½-½

Awne Osinga – Tony Geraghty ½-½



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