Following the previous week’s whitewash against Cardigan A, Aberystwyth B had the slightly less demanding task of a home match against the same club’s B team at the St David’s Club on Tuesday 8 October. Playing Black on top board, Julie van Kemenade was under pressure all game against the strong junior Jamie Sen, who, finding himself short of time against a higher-rated opponent, settled for a draw. Tony Geraghty was also in trouble against Howard Leah, who whipped up a strong attack on the queenside and won the exchange. Again time-trouble played a part as both players made mistakes, and Black eventually agreed a draw in a position where he was still winning. The Board 3 game was yet another unbalanced draw. Ian Finlay went a pawn down against Awne Osinga with his Sicilian but had excellent counterchances, and missed a winning combination at the end. That left the inexperienced James Corrigan to try to hold off Nick McIlvenna, graded some 300 points higher: he put up a good fight, but lost the exchange without sufficient compensation, and his weakness on the back rank proved fatal. The match finished 2½-1½ to Cardigan B.

Jamie Sen – Julie van Kemenade ½-½
Tony Geraghty – Howard Leah ½-½
Awne Osinga – Ian Finlay ½-½
James Corrigan – Nick McIlvenna 0-1



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