Both Mark Talbot and Rudy van Kemenade played in two recent congresses in Leyland and Leek recently.The Leyland one, over 6 rounds in the late August bank holiday, was a FIDE-rated tournament.Mark, after a bye in round one, and a second round loss, recovered well to finish on 4 points overall, Mark beating Rudy when they met in round 4 with a complex Petroff defence,winning a pawn, and,after Rudy failed to make the most of his dark square compensation, winning the R vs B endgame comfortably.

Rudy had a decent tournament, notwithstanding missing draws in two games and a win in another, to finish on 3 out of 6, all against higher graded players. Hence an enhanced FIDE and Welsh grading result.

At Leek Mark chose to play in the Major but had a difficult time defending against the lower graded opponents, finishing on 2½ from 5 (with a first rd ½-point bye). Rudy, playing in the FIDE-rated section,had a reprise of Leyland. Again the 50% score was good for enhanced points against the higher grade opposition, 2½ from 5 (with a first round 1/2 bye). The featured game was a successful positional game to avenge a loss from a winning position against the same opponent at Leyland.

[Report by Rudy]

Rudy van Kemenade – Paul Isherwood 1-0



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