Aberystwyth B needed a good result against Gwyddbwyll.com at the St David’s Club on Tuesday 12th November to get their season going at last after losses in the first three matches. I don’t have a very good record against Iwan Griffiths, and had prepared the sharp Leningrad Dutch for a change against his usual d4, guessing he would not be comfortable with it. His bishops on f4 and d3 proved to be good targets for my advancing pawns and I forced a quick win. Ian Finlay lost material early on against Owen Llywelyn’s King’s Indian, and his hoped-for counterplay didn’t turn up; instead it was Black who found tactical possibilities, opening up the king in addition to his numerical advantage. James Corrigan is becoming known as a fearless player. Here, he could have done with being a bit more fearful as Tegwyn Jones had chances in the complications for a devastating attack. Somehow they got down to an ending, with White still better but missing several more opportunities to finish it. Eventually, with opposite-coloured bishops on the board and the position looking drawn, it was Tegwyn, with only a couple of minutes on the clock, who made the fatal error. Some of those present thought James’s flag had already fallen, but he had nearly a full hour left: his clubmates are doing their best to persuade him to slow down a bit in future, as Rudy van Kemenade’s high-speed chess is not for ordinary mortals. Jamie Friel is still less experienced, but took advantage of Emyr Llwyelyn’s passive play to pick up material and invade the Black position for a comfortable win. It was good to see the two newest members making a vital contribution to the B team’s 3-1 victory.

Iwan Griffiths – Matthew Francis 0-1

Ian Finlay – Owen Llywelyn 0-1

Tegwyn Jones – James Corrigan 0-1

Jamie Friel – Emyr Llywelyn 1-0



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