Aberystwyth’s B team had their last match of the season on Monday 18th April, a repeat of the previous week’s contest against Gwyddbwyll.com, with both teams unchanged. On board one I got revenge for last week’s defeat by Iwan Griffiths, though not in such fine style, winning a pawn and taking control of the ending. John lost an exchange against Owen Llywelyn but had some compensation for it, and might have played on but for a mistake at the end. Ian had an easier win than last week’s against Tegwyn Jones, winning a piece with a queen fork, with mate to follow soon afterwards. Finally Tony had a harder game than expected against the lower-rated Emyr Llywelyn in a congested English Opening, but eventually managed to push his passed pawns through and trap his opponent’s king on the back rank. 3-1 to the B team, who finish with four wins and can be pleased with their first season, while the A team also did well, finishing a close second to the reigning champions, Cardigan A.

Matthew Francis – Iwan Griffiths 1-0

Owen Llywelyn – John Basterfield 1-0

Ian Finlay – Tegwyn Jones 1-0

Emyr Llywelyn – Tony Geraghty 0-1

Four club members took part in the Welsh Championships in Cardiff over the Easter weekend. In the Championship itself, Rudy scored 2½/7, a disappointing score by his standards. In the Major Open, Julie scored 3½/7 and I scored 3/7, while in the Minor John’s 2½/6 wiped out the rating gains he’d made in an excellent early part of the season.



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