Julie is currently playing in the Welsh Women’s Team in the Olympiad, being held in Khanty-Mansiysk, Siberia; some 2,500 km east of Moscow. The weather is good, sometimes better than in Aberystwyth.

After the first week(Sunday is a rest day) both she and the team are doing well. Julie has 3 out of 4, wins against Reyna Frijde of Surinam, Graca Tivane of Mozambique, and Jo-Yu Liao of Chinese Taipei; with a loss against Rajah Nuimat of Jordan. Although all unrated Fide they are all young improving players.

The Team is lying in 55th position (initial ranking of 70 ) ahead of England at 68(39), Scotland 81(68) and Ireland 111(108)!

Julie’s game from rd5 shows how tense chess battles can be. (The rate of play has half a minute added on for each move, with a time control at move 40.)

Further links and comments may be found by looking at the WCU website.

Liao Jo-Yu – Julie Van Kemenade – 0-1



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