An Aberystwyth team missing our Board 4 took on Cardiff in the second round of the second Welsh Chess Union Online League on Tuesday 30th March. The opening of Rudy van Kemenade’s game against Tom Brown was the Hyper-Accelerated Dragon Variation of the Sicilian Defence, which has to be a contender for most exotic opening name in chess. The game itself was less interesting, though, as a wholesale exchange of pieces in a position with symmetrical pawns led to an early draw. Adam Watkin-Jones played a noteworthy opening variation, too, a line of the Scandinavian which was under a cloud for years after a devastating win by Fischer, but is now apparently rehabilitated. Certainly it led to a good position for Adam, whose strong fianchettoed bishop and pressure on the White centre gave him the early advantage. The pressure continued after there were just heavy pieces and pawns left, and Sam Jukes eventually blundered in time trouble. I found myself facing a fierce attack from Jake Hurley against my English opening, having castled too soon. I have never like to do too much thinking at the beginning of the game, and my defence soon fell apart. With the default on Board 4, Aber lost the match 2½-1½.



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