The list of matches has had to be revised, with most A team matches now taking place on Wednesday instead of Monday as previously arranged.

11 Oct. Cardigan B vs Aberystwyth A
18 Oct. Aberystwyth B vs Cardigan A
26 Oct. Aberystwyth A vs Aberystwyth B
1 Nov. Aberystwyth B vs Haverfordwest
17 Nov. Cardigan A vs Aberystwyth A
22 Nov. Carmarthen vs Aberystwyth B
1 Dec. Aberystwyth A vs Haverfordwest
6 Dec. Aberystwyth B vs
14 Dec. Aberystywth A vs Aberystwyth B
12 Jan. Carmarthen vs Aberystwyth A
17 Jan. Cardigan B vs Aberystwyth B
26 Jan. Aberystwyth A vs Cardigan B
2 Feb. Aberystwyth A vs
7 Feb. Cardigan A vs Aberystwyth B
14 Feb. Haverfordwest vs Aberystwyth B
23 Feb. Aberystwyth A vs Cardigan A
28 Feb. Aberystwyth B vs Carmarthen
16 Mar. Aberystwyth A vs Carmarthen
21 Mar. Haverfordwest vs Aberystwyth A
28 Mar vs Aberystwyth B
4 Apr. Aberystwyth B vs Cardigan B
20 Apr. vs Aberystwyth A

All matches will be played at the Emlyn Cafe, Tanygroes, except the matches between the Aberystwyth A and B teams, which will be played on Tuesdays at the St David’s Club. Matches start at 7.30 pm.



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