John finished his tournament in style with a fine example of an attack on the queenside-castled king against Brenda Miles. His form has been excellent this season. Ian, who had a disappointing tournament, had an up-and-down game against Jan Sendall; in the end they agreed a draw with Ian a pawn up, but subsequent analysis shows Jan could have won. Georgina is another player who has made great strides recently; against William Fairbairn she had kingside pressure for a while but allowed her queen to be trapped. In the Open, Rudy’s results were below his usual standard, but he finished well against Huw Morcom, patiently besieging a blockaded position and then invading at the right time. Julie’s performance was about par, though she is never satisfied with that. John Waterfield took control of the game with his strong central pawns. I didn’t put up enough of a fight in my first Open, and here, against the other backmarker, Dave Conolly, we agreed a quick draw. It was eleven moves rather than the one move Rudy has on record, but there is not much point in posting it either way.

John Basterfield – Brenda Miles 1-0

Ian Finlay – Jan Sendall ½-½

Georgina Gray – William Fairbairn 0-1

Rudy van Kemenade- Huw Morcom 1-0

Julie van Kemenade – John Waterfield 0-1



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