In the Minor, John sacrificed a piece for two pawns against Howard James in an attempt to break through against an insecure-looking king, and they agreed a draw in a complicated position. Ian’s game was, I think, a Yugoslav King’s Indian (or a Modern Benoni by transposition?); he miscalculated an exchange combination and went a piece down, a bad result for him against a lower-rated opponent. Georgina’s attack quickly overwhelmed Alan Spencer, whose handling of the opening showed inexperience. In the Open, Rudy, like Ian, lost to a player he would have expected to beat – in a blocked position he went for a queenside attack but an uncharacteristic oversight caused his position to collapse. Julie won three pieces for a rook against Guy Wagner. Never one to be content with a material superiority, she sacked the other rook, then won an exchange. It was one of those games where you have to keep counting the pieces to see who’s ahead on material. Fortunately it was Julie, who had picked up a few pawns in the process and had a won ending. I got a strong queenside attack against Roger Greatorex, and, after looking in vain for a quicker win, settled for a double-bishop ending a pawn ahead. It was fairly easy, but a combination of depression about my results so far, lack of confidence in my endgame skills and the opportunity to watch the second half of the England-France rugby match induced me to accept his draw offer.

John Basterfield – Howard James ½-½

Ian Finlay – Tom Bennett 0-1

Georgina Gray – Alan Spencer 1-0

Rudy van Kemenade – Bob Moore 0-1

Julie van Kemenade – Guy Wagner 1-0

Roger Greatorex – Matthew Francis ½-½



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