Mark Talbot Aberystwyth’s regular Board 1 and 2011 Club Champion, Mark Talbot, is about to graduate from Aberystwyth University, and will be returning home to Lancashire after three years here. An extremely strong player (currently fourth in the Dyfed Rating List), he has been a huge asset to the team, and a welcome presence on club nights. Modest, sportsmanlike and always willing to share his knowledge of the game, he will be missed both at the club and in the Dyfed League generally. We wish him well for the future and hope that at least some of us will encounter him across the board at some future event. Mark has said his goodbyes in a very gracious email, which I quote below:

“…I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time at Aberystwyth Chess club and I will certainly miss it.

“During my three years here in Aberystwyth I have felt very welcome at the chess club and have enjoyed the company of everyone. I have learned a lot about chess through playing different club members and against other clubs, and hopefully taught a few tricks too! I have also enjoyed testing myself in the Dyfed league playing against other clubs.

Thank you all for taking the time to make me feel very welcome and thank you Rudy for giving me the opportunity to play for the team. I’ll enjoy reading the aberchess blog and playing through all the games. Hopefully I’ll see you again at a tournament some time.

Best wishes,




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