The first face-off between our new A and B teams took place on the week beginning Monday 13th November. As it hadn’t been possible to find a single night suitable for all players, we played the match in two legs, at the University on Tuesday 14th and at Tesco on Thursday 16th. In the first leg, I was playing Peter on second board; my unambitious line of the usually exciting Jobava London system led to a rather cagey game. Unable to generate an attack, I was left with a solid but slightly inferior position and no option but to play for a draw, which I managed to get. Jon dropped (or sacrificed) a piece against Toby, and went all in for a wild attack. He had his chances in the ensuing complications, but eventually Black’s counterplay triumphed. Bronwen broke prematurely in the centre against Tom’s Colle-Zukertort system and came out of the flurry of exchanges a pawn down. That extra pawn proved a powerful weapon as White went on to force mate. In the delayed Board 1 game, Adam’s Scandinavian keft him with a passive postion and Luis applied persistent pressure. Adam was behind on time when he resigned, though there was still some play in the position.



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