General Information

Date: Saturday, 17 February 2024

Venue: International Politics Main Hall again like last time. The address is Gwleidyddiaeth Ryngwladol International Politics, Aberystwyth SY23 3FE

Entry Form:

There are 2 sections:

Under 1800 and Open

The prizes are as follows:


1st – £120
2nd – £80
3rd – £40
W-We – £25


1st – £80
2nd – £55
3rd – £30
W-We – £15

The entry costs are:

Juniors and Current/Former Aberystwyth University Students £18
£23 for all others.

Byes are available in rounds 1-6. One bye will receive 0.5 points but any further byes and a bye in round 7 will be awarded 0 points.

The Chief Arbiter is Harrison Marriott.

The event will consist of 7 rounds with a time control of 15 minutes base time plus 5 seconds per move starting from move 1.

The event will be FIDE rated only, and will conform to the FIDE Laws of Chess.

For purposes of rating, this tournament is exclusively FIDE rated. Rating used for seeding purposes will be the highest of the following:
FIDE Rapidplay (February 2024)
ECF Rapidplay (February 2024)

If none of the above apply:
Highest of FIDE/ECF/WCU Blitz/Standardplay Ratings (February 2024)

Where none of these ratings exist, an estimate will be taken based on existing data. Where no existing data exists, tournament rating will be set to 0.


FIDE Identification Number

At the time of entry, players should have a FIDE Identification Number (FIN). Where a player does not have one, this will be created for them under nationality of Wales. If players wish to set their nationality elsewhere, they should email their intended federation’s Rating Officer before entry. Please note that at the time of writing, the cost to change nationalities for FIDE is 50 Euro.


The tournament will have two sections:

  • Open;
  • Under 1800.

Tournament rating will be used to decide what section players are eligible for. However, the organiser reserves the right to change the section a player is playing in during the tournament. In this situation, points scored up to that point will be retained.

Tournament Schedule

Each round of the tournament will take place at the following times:

  1. 11:00
  2. 12:00
  3. 13:00
  4. 14:00
  5. 15:00
  6. 16:00
  7. 17:00

Please note that this schedule may not be strictly adhered to, due to various factors that may affect the timings of an event.


The following sections will have the following prizes:


1st – £120
2nd – £80
3rd – £40
W-We – £25


1st – £80
2nd – £55
3rd – £30
W-We – £15

No tiebreaks will be used for the purpose of awarding prizes. Prizes will be split between all eligible players, with exception to W-We prizes, where the lowest rated player will win it outright.

Note: entrants with a tournament rating of 0 or entrants who play in less than 6 rounds will be ineligible for any W-We prizes. These numbers may be adjusted closer to the day of the tournament depending on entries.


Entry will cost £23 per person, with a discount to £18 for current and former students of Aberystwyth University or Under 18s. This must be paid before entry will be registered, and entries will not be accepted on the day of the tournament. Details of how to pay will be on the entry form. The organiser reserves the right to request proof of any conditions eligible for the discounted rate.

Anyone wishing to enter after the tournament has started may do so only with permission of the Chief Arbiter, and will start on 0 points regardless of rounds played in the tournament. No discounted rate may be offered at this stage.


Players wishing to withdraw from the tournament should contact the organiser by email as soon as possible. Withdrawals at the following times should be noted:

  • Before 9th February 2024: 100% of entry fee, minus £5 admin fee.
  • 9th February 2024 to 15th February 2024: 50% of entry fee, minus £5 admin fee.
  • 16th February 2024: No refund will be given at or beyond this stage.


Pairings will be done at the completion of all games in a round. No adjustments can be made once pairings are published.

Round 1’s pairings will be published one hour before the round is to commence.


Players may request one half point bye for any of the first six rounds. Any further byes, or any byes requested in round 7, will be awarded 0 points. Byes must be requested before pairings for the requested round have been completed.


The default time for this event will be 15 minutes. Where a player is defaulted for this reason, they will be excluded from pairings for the next round, and all subsequent rounds until they make contact with the Chief Arbiter to request re-entry. The Chief Arbiter reserves the right to refuse re-entry on these grounds, or may take a £50 bond contingent on the entrant playing in all subsequent rounds. Where any rounds are defaulted from this point, any bond is forfeit and the player will be withdrawn from the tournament.


Where multiple players in a section default, a re-pairing may be offered. Players may, at this stage, take a full point bye or accept the re-pairing and be matched against each other for FIDE rating. This result will stand for tournament score.

Prize Lists

Prize lists will be published on the website as soon as possible by the organiser. There will be no prize giving at the end of the event.

Mobile Phones

Phones and other electronic devices like smart watches must be switched off and placed either in a bag or face up on the desk. A container in which an aforementioned device is placed in must at no point leave the room until the game is complete. If these devices are found on a person, they will lose their game. This will be rated.

Where a mobile device is required to be on for medical reasons, the organiser should be made aware, and a compromise reached if need be.


Should the behaviour of any individual be viewed by the organiser to be disruptive or abusive towards anyone involved in or surrounding the tournament, be it staff, players, or the surrounding community in general, said organiser is empowered to expel them from the tournament at any time with no refund possible. This may be grounds for refusal to entry into future events, a decision which will be communicated to the expelled party after the event within 5 working days by email.