Wales was drawn against a still strong Switzerland team, even after missing Korchnoy, who unfortunately has had a little spell in hospital.

Iolo playing a slightly higher graded FM got a nice manoeuvring position from a Queen’s Indian type game, turned down a draw,but after exchanges a draw ensued. Richard played the veteran IM Edwin Bhend, facing an odd early Rb1, a3 and b4 against his Sicilian, but his pieces ,though defensive ,were well placed, and he happily accepted the draw offer from his higher rated opponent.Rudy played a Ruy Lopez with d3, and got good pressure against f7. However Black got a knight in at f4, and, since the king’s position was untenable, he let his opponent finish with a mate. Robert was also playing against a 2100 + player, and unfortunately missed a queen moving from a4 to h4, losing a rook in the process, which his opponent then duly won.

We seem to be having a pattern of rain in the early morning, with quite good sunshine later.



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