Rudy reports from round 2:

It ended 3-1 to Wales, the reverse of round 1. But though on paper Norway 2 was an easier team, in practice the gods make life difficult. (They are looking down from Mount Olympus above us as we go about our destined moves.)

Despite his opponent choosing the Qe2 ‘drawing’ line against Iolo’s Petroff, the endgame provided Iolo with pawn after pawn, to safeguard the win against Jan Arne Bjorgvik. John had more trouble against a solid Sicilian setup, where development was the key. Bard Standal missed a breakthrough(which of course the chess engines spotted easily), and was happy to accept the draw offer. Richard suffered similarly: a little inferior from the opening, he went for a draw. Odd Birkenstrand turned it down, but then overpressed and Richard’s king moved into the centre and queenside, making further resistence futile. Robert Hurn was fortunate in that his opponent, Gunnar Bue, gave up a pawn eaely. But Robert absorbed any ensuing counterplay easily enough, and looked set to win; however his opponent got some compensation, so a draw resulted.

Walking along the beach alongside the Aegean Richard suddenly found a White Knight chess piece.Maybe this will enable the Welsh Marchog to ride on to victory.



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