Aberystwyth played our last match of the season on Tuesday 8 June against White Knights. It’s been fun playing in the Dyfed Online League and, as here, in the Welsh Chess Union Online Open, though we were certainly outclassed in the latter with the exception of our captain and top board, Rudy van Kemenade. In this last match he duly delivered our only win, with a high-class performance against Allan Pleasants, winning a rook ending with an extra pawn where all the pawns were on the same side – a sure-fire draw for most of us, but Rudy kept up the pressure and induced his opponent’s losing error. I was out of my depth against Adam May on the Black side of a Catalan, an opening I know little about, and after a couple of inaccuracies my position was hopeless. Tom Gunn tried a promising-looking combination against Tomasz Miga in a Queen’s Gambit, giving up two pieces for a rook and two pawns, but it backfired, leavinng Black’s bishope pair dominant, and Tom was soon defending passively against a crushing kingside attack. Finally, Sam Holman attacked without completing his development against Guto Neave’s English Opening, and his exchange combination didn’t work out, losing a piece. He fought on, surviving longer than Boards 2 and 3, but the odds were always against him. A 3-1 win to White Knights to finsh the season.


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