The first match of the reincarnated Dyfed League took place at Aberystwyth University between the Town and University teams on Tuesday 10th January. Unfortunately the University team defaulted on top board, so Murray Smith didn’t get a game. On second board Luis Ortiz Sanchez was in fine form, trading off against Toby Carter’s Pirc to reach a superior ending, which he played with relentless accuracy to claim the win. Peter Windows played the comparatively rare Owen’s Defence against Toby Bates and never quite managed to equalize. Black’s pieces were tied up defending the kingside, and his attempt to gain counterplay on the queenside only opened lines for the White pieces to come in for the kill. Tom Gunn weakened Filip Zurek’s kingside in a Queen’s Gambit Accepted, and Black missed the best defence, allowing a quick mating attack. A winning start for the Town team, 3-1 including the defaulted game.

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