Aberystwyth A’s plan against Cardigan in our match at the St David’s Club on Tuesday 8th December was to get draws against the formidable players on Boards one and two, and win on the other boards. It didn’t quite work out like that. Rudy van Kemenade, black on top board, looked for activity against Howard Williams by advancing his kingside pawns, but that only left weaknesses behind, and by the time Rudy had plugged those he was facing a devastating passed pawn. Adam Watkin-Jones, on the other hand, played his Bishop’s Opening solidly, and was undaunted by Iolo Jones’s endgame technique as he scored an impressive draw. Julie van Kemenade miscalculated a combination against Tony Haigh, and found herself a rook down. She played on for a bit, trying to take advantage of his exposed king, but without success. I missed a succession of chances as Awne Osinga dug in to defend against my Vienna Gambit; it was one of those nights when I couldn’t see anything over the board, possibly still stunned by the exceptionally hot Flaming Dragon curry I had just eaten at Wetherspoon’s, and in the end I accepted his draw offer. A 3-1 win to Cardigan was not what Aber had planned.

Howard Williams – Rudy van Kemenade 1-0

Adam Watkin-Jones – Iolo Jones ½-½

Tony Haigh – Julie van Kemenade 1-0

Matthew Francis – Awne Osinga ½-½

There was one more game in the Club Championship, a win for Jamie Friel.

Jamie Friel – Francis Headley 1-0



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