Haverfordwest A versus Aberystwyth A was a difficult match for both sides. Against their much higher rated opponents Haverfordwest did very well to earn the draw.

First off the mark was Rudy, who won a couple of pawns and induced a desperado sacrifice. However taking the second piece on offer was too much of a good thing, and he would have faced severe difficulties if Ron Wade had not forgotten about his queen. Georgina had excellent prospects at first when Jan Sendall grabbed a pawn, but the advantage slipped away and in the end her king was in too draughty a room. Julie playing against Scott Hammett was always going to get complicated. Scott got exactly the kind of position he wanted for his pieces, but unfortunately for him there was a tactical loophole which left him a rook down. Despite valiant attempts to blow open the Black king it was the White one that went down. This left Mark with his Caro-Kann against Colin Denham. Unorthodox play led to a position which looked drawish despite some errors on both sides. Trying too hard to win, Mark found that there was a combination that led to the loss of a piece.

Result 2-2

(Report by Rudy)

Colin Denham – Mark Talbot 1-0

Rudy van Kemenade – Ron Wade

Scott Hammett – Julie van Kemenade 0-1

Georgina Gray – Jan Sendall 0-1

Meanwhile the Dyfed Closed Championship was held over the weekend of 29th / 30th October, and Aber, as usual, was well represented. Rudy, the winner for the past two years, finished third this time on 3½/5, behind Gerry Heap of Camarthen (4½) and Tony Haigh (Cardigan, 4), in a tie with an extremely talented new junior player, Jamie Sen (Cardigan), who won a grading prize. Julie and I both finished on 3, Georgina and Ian on 2, Tony and John on 1½, and James, who only played the second day, on 1½/2.

(Report by Matthew)



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