The megamatch between Aberystwyth’s A and B teams took place as planned at the St David’s Club on Tuesday 12th January, with the four official boards supplemented by two extra games. All but one were over very quickly. On top board for the B team, I played a quiet system against Rudy, but my kingside fianchetto gave him a target for his f pawn, and I had no coherent plan against his kingside attack. The one long game of the evening was the board two encounter between Adam Watkin-Jones and Tony Geraghty. Adam won a pawn early on, but his pieces were not ideally placed, and Tony was able to hold out till both players were nearly out of time before White finally won the ending. Ian Finlay had a good result for the B team on Board 3, when Robbie Wright’s dubious combination turned out to win material at the cost of allowing dangerous counterplay. Black was eventually forced to return the material with interest, and Ian chose to take the draw against a much higher-rated player. Sam Holman, never afraid of a sharp opening line, played the Najdorf against Adam Robinson but his king was too vulnerable in the centre, and White soon broke through. The official match finished 3½-½.

The first unoffical game was a second Sicilian, this time a Dragon, in which Francis Headley, playing White, allowed his rook to get caught in a deadly pin, leading to a quick win for Jamie Friel. Meanwhile, Damien Clarke misjudged his opening against Joel Greenwood, and was soon under attack all over the board, resigning when his queen was lost to a knight fork.

Matthew Francis – Rudy van Kemenade 0-1

Adam Watkin Jones – Tony Geraghty 1-0/a>

Ian Finlay – Robbie Wright ½-½

Adam Robinson – Sam Holman 1-0

Francis Headley – Jamie Friel 0-1

Damien Clarke – Joel Greenwood 0-1/a>


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