For a club whose home is the internet, are very consistent when it comes to raising a team. On Tuesday 28th April, two weeks after their match against Aberystwyth A, they were again at the St David’s Club with the same four players, this time to play the B team. On Board 1, I played the same quiet line of the Scandinavian that had brought me a draw against Owen Llywelyn in the earlier match. My a5 pawn break didn’t look particularly threatening, but Iwan Griffiths retreated awkwardly before it, getting his bishop trapped in the process, an error which soon proved fatal. Meanwhile Mike Weston made no more progress against the solid Owen Llywelyn than I had, and settled for a draw. Tony Geraghty was more ambitious with his French Defence, opening the g file for a kingside attack. Tegwyn Jones’s response was a bit indecisive and a miscalculation in defence cost him his queen. Ian Finlay’s game on Board 4 was similar: Emyr Llywelyn was too slow to develop, and had no answer to the White attack when it came. The B team achieved the same result as the A team in the earlier match, a win by 3½-½.

Iwan Griffiths – Matthew Francis 0-1

Mike Weston – Owen Llywelyn ½-½

Tegwyn Jones – Tony Geraghty 0-1

Ian Finlay – Emyr Llywelyn 1-0



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