A full-strength Carmarthen team were always likely to prove too strong for Aberystwyth B, and the match at the Emlyn Cafe, Tanygroes, on 25th February finally went according to the form book. Nevertheless, Aber put up a brave fight, and only the encounter on top board was really one-sided. I generally pride myself on my opening preparation, but this time got into a horrible mess against Gerry Heap’s English Opening. With all my pieces tripping over each other on the back rank, I vainly tried to imagine I was Julie van Kemenade, who frequently manages to start a winning attack from such positions, but was soon put out of my misery. Tony Geraghty, on the other hand, reached an equal middle-game position with his London System against David Buttell, but allowed a dangerous central pawn to move forward, the start of an invasion that picked up a piece, with defeat following inevitably. Ian Finlay has had an excellent string of results recently but looked to be in trouble when Keith Downey invaded his second rank. White was too impatient, however, and tried to force things with a dubious piece sacrifice. Up on material, but still with a lot to do against a very strong player, Ian was happy with a draw. Georgina Gray has come close several times against much higher rated opponents, and this time reached what looked like a drawn position against Paul Orton, who dominated the d-file but could make no further progress. Unfortunately Georgina, just back from the Dyfed Congress with its longer time-limits, forgot about her clock, conceding an unlucky defeat on time. 3½-½ to Carmarthen.

Gerry Heap – Matthew Francis 1-0

Tony Geraghty – David Buttell 0-1

Keith Downey – Ian Finlay ½-½

Georgina Gray – Paul Orton 0-1



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