On Tuesday 5 January five Aberystwyth players took part in the first round of the online version of the popular Dyfed Closed tournament normally held over a weekend in November. Rudy van Kemenade had an easy time against John Miller’s French, regularly picking up loose material for an early victory. Adam Watkin-Jones played rather passively in a Pirc against Robert Lovegrove, and came under pressure in a queenless middlegame. resigning somewhat prematurely after dropping a pawn. Tom Gunn fell victim early on to Martin Jones’s marauding knight in a Queen’s Pawn Game. Sam Holman’s Slav against Ben Brewer was an exciting struggle from the first, with both players making mistakes, but ended abruptly when Sam allowed a mate in one. In the longest game of the first round I had Black in a French Exchange against Awne Osinga. There was a protracted period of rather pointless manoeuvring in the middle game, but the bishop ending was more exciting, as White missed a chance to go a pawn up, then pressed too hard for a win in a dead drawn position, allowing a neat finish. Two Aber players are on 1, and three on 0.




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