The last round of the Dyfed Online Closed tournament, played, mostly, on Tuesday 2nd February, saw the Aber players changing places, though Cardigan’s Howard Williams continued his serene progress to the title. I got a strong attack against Bill Hewitt with my English opening, but wasn’t sure how to continue. After a long think, I took the wrong option and the game changed quickly with his pieces invading the weaknesses in my position instead of the other way round. Adam Watkin-Jones had a lot of pressure against Mark Paffard’s backward pawn in a Closed Sicilian, and White’s pieces were so tied down to its defence that they were unable to respond when the attack switched to the king. Rudy van Kemenade emerged with a superior development from his Vienna / Bishop’s Opening, and when Scott Hammett missed the threat to a piece, Black’s collapse was sudden. Tom Gunn had the edge against David Pinch in a Queen’s Pawn Game in which the players were castled on opposite sides. Black’s attack got though first, but he missed the winning line and settled for a draw against his higher-rated opponent. Sam Holman was under pressure from Gwyn Jones in another Queen’s Pawn Game, but White was unable to deal with an unexpected counter-threat, losing a piece, though the ending was still hard work for Black. Howard Williams won the tournament with 5/5, with Martin Jones second on tie-break above Bill Hewitt, both on 4. Adam was Aber’s highest-placed player with 3½. Rudy and I finished on 3, Tom on 2½ and Sam on 2.



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