Matches come thick and fast at this stage of the season, so much so that the Emlyn Cafe, Tanygroes, hosted two of them on the same evening, Wednesday 21st November. While Aberystwyth A were playing Carmarthen, Cardigan A were beating by 3½-½. Aber’s match was a closer affair, between two well-matched teams. On top board, however, Rudy van Kemenade had a comparatively easy victory against Gerry Heap, who miscalculated a pawn fork, losing a piece, and allowed his king to be overwhelmed soon afterwards. Julie van Kemenade also got a free gift, when Huw Morcom trapped his own queen; though he got a rook and a certain amount of counterplay for it, she made no mistake. Things went against Aber on Board 3, where David Ferguson’s King’s Indian was slowly strangled by Keith Downey, who picked up several pawns before the inevitable end. Finally, on Board 4 I found that Paul Orton was much too solid a player to allow me to begin the long climb out of my autumn slump, snuffing out my attack very efficiently. Nevertheless the draw helped secure a win for Aber by 2½-1½.

Gerry Heap – Rudy van Kemenade 0-1

Julie van Kemenade – Huw Morcom 1-0

Keith Downey – David Ferguson 1-0

Matthew Francis – Paul Orton ½-½



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