Cardigan A were not the ideal opponents for a B team seeking to end their run of games without a win. On Monday the Bs suffered their second whitewash of the season, though at least this time it was to a much stronger team rather than the (on paper) closely matched Haverfordwest. Julie van Kemenade came under pressure early on against Howard Williams, and a miscalculation left her a pawn down in a lost ending. I also lost a pawn defending against Iolo Jones’s English Opening, and rather capitulated after that when I could have set him a much harder task. Ian Finlay made an excellent fight of it against Tony Haigh, eventually losing an ending with a bad bishop against a good one, which he might have held. Cardigan’s Caerwyn Owen, taken apart by Mark Talbot’s French Defence last week, faced the same opening again, but Tony Geraghty is relatively new to it, and soon had to deal with some classic French headaches, a locked-in queen’s bishop and a dominant White knight on d6. It was only a matter of time before he lost material and the game.

Julie van Kemenade – Howard Williams 0-1

Iolo Jones – Matthew Francis 1-0

Ian Finlay – Tony Haigh 0-1

Caerwyn Owen – Tony Geraghty 1-0



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