Rudy sends the following report from the British Chess Championship:

It’s a very pleasant venue at Kent University, surrounded by woodland with Canterbury below in the distance.

The top player, Michael Adams , won quickly in 21 moves with black. Upsets were Jack Rudd beating the no 8 seed Keith Arkell, with the no 3 Steven Gordon being held to a draw. All 3 Welsh players faced higher graded opposition. Rudy van Kemenade gambitted a b pawn but soon lost a couple more and despite getting play with opposite colour B’s and R, one of the pawns got through. David Jameson against a Scandinavian also offered his b pawn ,but this was declined and after some adroit manoeuvers in the centre the R and opposite colour B ensured a draw. Allan Pleasants defended with a two nights tango and survived to draw against his youthful opponents patient probing for a breakthrough in a R and P ending.

The game between Arkell and Rudd was decided when Rudd played e4 attacking the Wh Q on f3. Instead of the intended Qb3 followed by K move to dodge a K side advance, the GM moved his K first. It happens to us all.



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