Rudy has sent us a new report as follows:

It’s been a series of quite tough games in the British , especially as all opponents have been higher FIDE grades and most of them Juniors as well,still improving. Still, with 1 point out of 6, I’m not completely on the bottom of the table. Openings have been fine with the exception of a quick disaster in Rd 6 against fellow Welsh competitor David Jameson (2047) where rather than lose a piece I let the mate occur on move 17.
My Rd 1 opponent Brandon Clarke is the new British u16 champion.
I struck lucky in Rd2 against Andrew Mayhew (2085) when a well placed N on e5 won the exchange.
Rd3 I played George Salimbeni (2164) got a complex game which I might have saved for a draw if I found the way to temporarily go a R down(Rybka actually found a lovely move that would have given me the advantage.)
Since I lost the previous game I got to play an even stronger Junior in Rd 4,Felix Ynojosa Aponte (2224). Got him out of his normal lines, but missed a tactic, and the K side attack never got going.
In Rd 5 my first Senior, Gary Senior (2089). Got a good opening, but in a calculation mishap,tried to turn a B into a P and use a R twice, once as a sacrifice, and then to follow up winning another piece! So just the exchange down.

Meanwhile in the 5 day Open Am, Mark Talbot performed well, winning against Ian Matthew (145),Patrick Ribbands (151) and Reinhardt Schmerwitz (152), though losing to two of the joint winners Yan-Fan Zhou (225) and Christopher Howell (184).

Rudy van Kemenade

Andrew Mayhew – Rudy Van Kemenade 0-1

Rudy Van Kemenade – George Salimbeni 0-1

David Jameson – Rudy Van Kemenade 1-0



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