Aberystwyth B’s first match of the season was away to Cardigan B on Wednesday 15th October. On top board, facing Howard Leah’s Philidor, I soon came under pressure on the queenside, and chose a line that dropped the exchange but gave me a solid fortress position and a useful passed pawn as compensation. Black turned down a draw offer, but was unable to find a way through and eventually offered the draw himself, in a position that was now rather worse, but with White short of time. The Board 2 game was a quieter draw, as James Cook quickly neutralized any initiative from Jamie Sen’s London System. Tony Geraghty also played the London, but Awne Osinga made the mistake of looking for a counterattack before he was fully developed, getting a bishop trapped and succumbing to an unstoppable passed pawn. Finally on Board 4, Ian Finlay had some trouble defending his isolated queen’s pawn position against Nick McIlvenna’s Queen’s Gambit, and lost the exchange to an easy-to-miss tactic. They played on, but Black dropped a piece not long after, making the deficit a whole rook, and resigned. The result was a 2-2 draw between evenly matched teams.

Matthew Francis – Howard Leah ½-½

Jamie Sen – James Cook ½-½

Tony Geraghty – Awne Osinga 1-0

Nick McIlvenna – Ian Finlay 1-0



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  1. Sorry it's not strictly relevant, but where and when does the club meet usually? I'm a student interested in trying it out but couldn't find the club at either the St David's Club or the LibDem offices. Thank you in advance and good luck to the team.

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