Proper blogging is resuming on the website now that I’ve recovered from my attack of Covid. On 24 April, Aberystwyth Town played an away match against Carmarthen A at the Emlyn Cafe, Tanygroes. The top two boards were comparatively easy wins for the Aber players: Luis Sanchez won a pawn in the opening against Ewan Ferguson with his London System and was always ahead thereafter; Adam Watkin-Jones dropped a pawn with his Pirc against Julie Ward but recovered it with a concealed threat and built a decisive attack in the centre. Board 3 was a had-fought affair: Peter Windows won the exchange with his English Opening, but Mark Reynolds was able to establish a powerful knight on f3, leading to great complications. When the smoke cleared, White was a pawn up in the king and pawn ending and managed to get the win, Board 4, on the other hand was a disaster, as I overlooked a simple back-rank mate threat in my Caro-Kann against Peter Evans; I blame the Covid, as I was feeling a bit woozy already and tested positive next day. A 3-1 win to Aber kept us in contention for the League title.



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