The Aberystwyth and Cardigan teams are pretty used to each other by this stage of the season. On Monday 4 April it was the B teams, fairly closely matched on paper, playing each other. On top board Cardigan’s Howard Leah got his revenge against me for an unlucky defeat earlier in the season. I allowed my bishop to be imprisoned; the position was still double-edged but my defence was difficult in time-trouble and Howard found the winning combination. John Basterfield looked to have chances on the kingside in a Ruy Lopez but allowed his centre to be undermined and dropped several pawns. Ian Finlay, in an unorthodox Sicilian, got a vulnerable passed pawn at e3 and was determined to hang on to it, even sacrificing a bishop in the cause. When it finally dropped he was two pawns up in the ending and managed to secure the draw. Tony Geraghty’s game against Nick McIlvenna was full of enterprising play by both sides. Tony had rook against bishop in the endgame, but dropped a pawn unnecessarily and was glad he still had a draw. A fairly comfortable victory for Cardigan, 3-1.

Howard Leah – Matthew Francis 1-0

John Basterfield – Roland Spencer 0-1

Awne Osinga – Ian Finlay ½-½

Tony Geraghty – Nick McIlvenna ½-½



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