Carmarthen often have trouble raising a full team, and for Aberystwyth A’s first match of the season, they were only able to field two boards. Somewhat unconventionally, presumably owing to an agreement between the captains, these were Boards one and three, meaning Aber had White in both. Rudy van Kemenade emerged from a complex Bird’s Opening with the better position against Gerry Heap, but perhaps relaxed too soon, allowing a destructive pin that, after further complications, left Black with a winning advantage. Tony Geraghty got the kind of kingside attack he aims for with his London System, but gave up a piece for unclear compensation. The position remained difficult for both players, and Paul Orton eventually erred under pressure, dropping not only the piece but a rook as well. A win for each side plus the two defaults gave Aber a 3-1 victory.

Rudy van Kemenade – Gerry Heap 0-1

Tony Geraghty – Paul Orton 1-0



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