Aberystwyth Town Chess Club

Annual General Meeting

The 66th AGM of the Aberystwyth Town Chess Club was held in the first floor meeting room St. David’s Hall, Eastgate St, Aberystwyth, 7:30 pm on Tuesday 11th September 2012.

Present: M Francis {Chair}, A Geraghty {Secretary-Treasurer}, R Van Kemenade, J Van Kemenade.


1.Apologies for absence. Ian Finlay.

2.Minutes of the previous AGM accepted.

3.Matters arising. None.

4.The chairman’s report.

Matthew Francis reported that the club had had another good year competitively. Once again we were able to sustain two teams in the Dyfed League and had competed well there as the A team match captain would report. Members had also had a good season in tournaments. Eight Aberystwyth players took part in the Dyfed Closed Championship, where Rudy finished third, and seven in the Dyfed Congress, where Matthew finished in a six-way tie for second in the Major section and Ian Finlay and John Basterfield shared first place in the Minor. Rudy represented Wales in the European Senior Team Championship in Slovenia and achieved the best score of the Welsh team. The Club Championship this year was hit by illness and pressure of work, and was played as a four-player one-day tournament, won by Rudy. Tony, Julie and Matthew all made significant rating gains over the season. In the summer we said goodbye to our regular Board 1 and 2011 Club Champion Mark Talbot, who was graduating from Aberystwyth University, with a friendly chess evening at the Club with Mark, his father and brother. He will be much missed. Despite all the success, however, attendance on club nights remained a concern.

5.Secretary/Treasurer’s report.

Tony Geraghty reported the club had a good start from September to Christmas. Attendance was up on previous years and the Home League matches were a boost to the club income. However, we were unable to sustain attendance numbers and once again took a summer break. Financially the club was in the same position as last year. The rent was paid in advance to the end of November and we have a small surplus in the bank.

The secretary also reminded members WCU £10.00 and DCA £5.00 fees are now due.

6.Match Captains’ reports.

Rudy reported Aberystwyth ‘A’ team had once again finished runners up to Cardigan ‘A’. The ‘B’ team had managed to gain 3rd place. The club had also won the lolo Jones Trophy for the 2nd year.

7.Any other matters.

Tony Geraghty proposed the club championship be reinstated on club nights. The proposal was seconded by Julie, and passed.
Rudy reported that Roland Spencer had given up his position as Treasurer for the DCA and Tony Haigh had taken the post. Our thanks to Roland for the fine work he has done.

8.Election of Officers.

Chair – Matthew Francis.
Secretary and Treasurer – Tony Geraghty.
Match captains:
A Team Rudy Van Kemenade.
B Team Ian Finlay.
Blog Master Matthew Francis.

Anthony Geraghty, Club Secretary.



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