Aberystwyth Town Chess Club
Minutes of the Annual General Meeting

29th September 2009.

Present, G Gwilliams {Chair}, A Geraghty {Secretary-Treasurer}, R Van Kemenade,

J Basterfield, M Francis, I Finlay G Grey.


1. Apologies for absence. Julie Van Kemenade.

2. Minutes of the previous AGM accepted.

3. Matters arising. None.

4. Secretary/Treasurer’s report. Tony Geraghty reported that the club had a good year. The Club Championship has been completed, however fewer games had been played. Matthew Francis was congratulated on winning the tournament. Attendance on club nights has been down compared with the previous year. Financially the club was in good order. The rent was paid to date but lacked the funds in the bank to continue to pay advanced rent. The secretary also reminded members WCU fees of £10.00 were now due.

5. Proposals. In view of the above report a number of proposals were suggested to change the way we fund the club but none were voted on. The treasurer was asked to keep members informed if the club could not meet its financial obligations.

Members agreed we must do more to attract new members. Posters were taken and more are available from the secretary.

It was proposed and accepted that Matthew Francis be given the official title of ‘Blog Master’. In addition to promoting the club via the internet Matthew agreed to approach the Cambrian News for some mention of match reports.

The secretary proposed that he approach St David’s Club of the availability of the room for a weekend Club Championship Tournament.

Rudy Van Kemenade proposed the AGM be brought forward to help plan for the league fixtures.

6. Match Captain’s report. Rudy Van Kemenade stated that the club had completed all their games in the Dyfed League and had finished in 2nd position. Results had been mixed but in the main he had maintained a rotating system which had given all members an opportunity to play. The Dyfed League have agreed to continue subsidising the venue and membership fees.

7. Subscriptions for the coming year. Maintained at present rate.

8. Election of Officers. [Currently these include: Chair, Secretary/ Treasurer, Team Captain.]
Chair-G J Gwilliams
Secretary/Treasurer- A Geraghty
Team Captain- Rudy Van Kemenade
Blog Master- M Francis

Anthony Geraghty, Secretary/ Treasurer

Lluest, Trefenter, Aberystwyth, SY23 4HG. 01974 272 507



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