Following last week’s comprehensive defeat by Carmarthen, the A-team faced a much lower-rated team, Haverfordwest, on Wednesday 23rd March and achieved the desired result, but were made to work for it. The top-board game was a good example of the resilience of the French Defence. Mark Talbot gained a typical kingside attack, but his combination backfired and allowed Black an overwhelming counterattack. The winner, Colin Denham, has enjoyed an outstanding run of form recently. Rudy van Kemenade had things much easier on Board 2: Ron Wade’s Vienna Opening went horribly wrong, and he blundered his queen trying to extricate himself after only thirteen moves. David Ferguson didn’t seem to have much at first against Jan Sendall’s Sicilian, but when he eventually got his attack going the effect was devastating. On bottom board Haverfordwest’s Scott Hammett sacrificed a knight in the opening against Julie van Kemenade. It didn’t look promising, but the position became very complicated, with chances – and time pressure – for both sides. Finally Black gained the initiative, though she had only three minutes on her clock when her opponent resigned. Aberystwyth won the match 3-1.

Mark Talbot – Colin Denham 0-1

Ron Wade – Rudy van Kemenade 0-1

David Ferguson – Jan Sendall 1-0

Scott Hammett – Julie van Kemenade 0-1



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