With just a few matches to go in the Dyfed League, it is clear that Aberystwyth A have fallen short in their bid to dethrone Cardigan A as League champions. Aber have beaten Cardigan in both their head-to-heads, but dropped too many points in other games. On Wednesday 13th April, Aber’s opponents were Carmarthen, who, as so often this season, were fielding some strong players but not quite enough of them. On Board 1, Rudy played a Dutch Defence (his national opening) against Gerry Heap but allowed a devastating invasion by the White queen. He wriggled ingeniously but succumbed in the end. David lost a pawn against Huw Morcom’s Sicilian, won it back, then seemed about to lose the ending before his opponent went wrong and allowed the draw. Julie’s game against Paul Orton also swung backwards and forwards, and in the end a draw seemed the right result. With Carmarthen defaulting on Board 4, the match ended 2-2.

Gerry Heap – Rudy van Kemenade 1-0

David Ferguson – Huw Morcom ½-½

Paul Orton – Julie van Kemenade ½-½



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