The last couple of weeks have been quiet in the Dyfed League. No matches were possible as some of the strongest players, including Aberystwyth’s Rudy and Julie van Kemenade, were playing for Cardigan’s Welsh Premier League Team in the European Club Cup in Rhodes. (Rudy scored 1½/6 and Julie 1/6, against very strong opposition.) Before they left, however, there was time to play the first of the season’s A vs B team derby matches, over two successive club nights because of illness. In the first leg, on Tuesday 15 October, Mark Talbot for the A team had pressure all over the board against Tony Geraghty’s Owen’s Defence, bringing about a defensive error that dropped the exchange, with the game following soon afterwards. Rudy was similarly dominant with his Budapest against Ian Finlay, occupying all the best squares and leaving White’s pieces hopelessly tangled. James Corrigan played energetically to avoid a similar fate against Julie’s Ruy Lopez, seeking an open game by sacrificing pawns; ultimately, however, he just did not have enough compensation. That left the score at 3-0 to the A team. In the postponed encounter, Jamie Friel, playing his first ever competitive game, did well in the opening, reaching a level middle-game position. Unfortunately he then miscalculated a tactical exchange, missing a pin on his knight and allowing me to win a rook. The result was 4-0 to Aberystwyth A.

Mark Talbot – Tony Geraghty 1-0
Ian Finlay – Rudy van Kemenade 0-1
Julie van Kemenade – James Corrigan 1-0
Jamie Friel – Matthew Francis 0-1



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