The renamed Haverchess A, formerly Haverfordwest, were unable to raise four players for the match at the Emlyn Cafe, Tanygroes on Monday 20 October, but outgraded Aberystwyth B on the three boards they did field. I kept up my 0% record against Martin Jones, who, playing White in a Queen’s Pawn opening built up a dominant position on the queenside and never allowed me any counterchances. Mike Weston, in his first match for the club after many years away from competitive chess, played solidly to secure a draw against the strong John Miller, having to defend for a while but never looking in any real danger. The most exciting game was on Board 3, where Ian Finlay, up on material following Scott Hammett’s miscalculated combination, got involved in hectic complications, trying to secure a mate before his pinned rook could fall. He missed the win in the end but a draw was a good result against this opponent. With the default on Board 4, the match was drawn – A.N Other is Aber’s most consistent player at the moment.

Martin Jones – Matthew Francis 1-0

Mike Weston – John Miller ½-½

Scott Hammett – Ian Finlay ½-½



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