The Dyfed Online League resumed on Tuesday 16th February after its winter break, and Aberystwyth resumed its campaign with a draw against Steynton A. Adam Watkin-Jones. playing White against David Pinch, could heve been in trouble early on when he missed the fact that his queen was overloaded. Fortunately for him, Black missed it, too, and he won a pawn with a dominant game, where he could have made more of the weaknesses round his opponent’s king, but chose to trade off into a won ending instead. My Dutch defence against Martin Jones landed me with a pawn weakness, and no sooner had I managed to neutralize White’s pressure than I allowed a tactic that left him with two powerful bishops against my rook, after which he had all the play. Tom Gunn set a new record by making a mouseslip on the first move against Mark Paffard; 1.e4 is not normally considered a blunder, but it can be disconcerting when you had intended to open with a Colle System. Instead it was a Sicilian, and White went wrong early on, allowing a devastating double attack on his f and h pawns. Sam Holman’s middlegame from his Modern defence against Robert Lovegrove was roughly even, with potential for both sides, when White overlooked an attack on a knight, and more material losses soon followed. The result was a 2-2 draw.




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